“So Your Not Tech Savvy!

Tech Savvy?

So you’re not so tech savvy. Ok we get it, your kids are way ahead of you when it comes to technology, internet and computers, but hey that goes for a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs. But we have an answer for you if you are a small to…

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Did Brexit Stall your Business Startup?

New Business Startup with Infinite Web Designers

Did Brexit stall your business startup? Well don’t worry as a new study from Idinvest Partners reveals that the UK has greater optimism about it’s UK economic outlook than it’s European economic outlook. And UK entrepreneurs agree, with quotes such as ‘The British entrepreneurial climate is as hot as ever,…

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Website Design, do I need a professional?

Do I really Need a Professionally Designed Website?

There are several companies on the market that offer tools to create what they call a ‘professional and easy to do/drop and drag system’ to help beginners or those with very little knowledge of website design or coding create decent website presence on the internet, but most of the these…

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